Getting Started with Life and Goal Organizer

Getting Started with Life and Goal Organizer

This is going to be fun and exciting!

Welcome to Life & Goal Organizer

And congratulations! You’ve taken the first step on a wonderful journey – the journey of becoming organized, taking charge of your life, and freeing your mind.

Like most great journeys, it’s not about the destination. No-one is always perfectly organized. And even if they could be, the time, effort and stress of maintaining perfect, perpetual order would crowd out too many other things that make life good.

Like fun, spontaneity, and self-acceptance. Instead, using Life & Goal Organizer is a process that will bring you greater peace of mind, greater confidence, and a greater sense of direction than you’ve known before. It will help you get stress and frustration out of your head, and order into your life.

The best thing about this process is that it’s fun and easy.

Life & Goal Organizer has the structure built right in for you. We’ve already worked out most of what you need to do to enjoy a more organized, goal-directed life. We’ve already put it all together, come up with guided worksheets and laid it all out for you. All you need to bring are your own desires, preferences and unique take on life. And do it your way! Remember, this should be fun and easy.

Here are some ideas for using Life & Goal Organizer:

  • Work your way sequentially through the whole system.
  • Pick only the modules or worksheets you want to focus on.
  • Do a module a month and transform your life in a year.
  • Take a week or weekend retreat and makeover your life.
  • Do a daily worksheet over coffee for easy, steady change.
  • Form a group of Life & Goal Organizer friends for idea-sharing, supportive workshops once a week/month.

We have created a lecture for each module's checklist. They are outlined below. Please use the Comment section to share any ideas, tips, edits or suggestions on the checklist, so that we can fine tune for future updates.

Okay then. Are you ready to organize your goals, your time and your life? Then let’s get started! Download the PDF from the Download course.

The videos below give you an overview of using the PDF:

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